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Akademia Nauk Stosowanych Collegium Balticum

Szczecińska Szkoła Wyższa Collegium Balticum offers business and pedagogy faculties, psychology, dietetics, educational and social sciences. The world class school facility and an outstanding training atmosphere promoted by highly competent and most distinguished specialist, practitioners and academic teachers guarantee the unique and ambitious curriculum, theoretical knowledge and practical skills so desired in professional life. Students are taught how to take advantage of the acquired skills and knowledge as well as to keep on developing personal abilities and become professionally successful. SSW COLLEGIUM BALTICUM conducts numerous researches and educational projects, cooperates with various educational, training, health care, sport-allied and business-allied institutions, remains locally and regionally active in the field of conference and workshops organization, social work and community elicitation. Prominent and well-qualified managers, determined students and academics guarantee its successful development and involvement in various thematic projects related to development of new ideas and services, curriculum building, preparation course syllabus, elaboration of materials and terminology for thematic courses and others. SSW CB’s educational science department offers a wide range of courses and activities including workshops and seminars related to early school education, pedagogy and health promotion, social pedagogy in the context of social work, therapeutic pedagogy and physical rehabilitation, creative thinking, problem solving, environmental studies and language courses. Furthermore, we teach how to work with children and their families, to provide professional help to children, youth and adults, especially those who suffer from family violence, health problems and poor social situation as well as those who comes from socially disadvantaged environments. Collegium Balticum cooperates with primary and secondary schools, implements several educational projects, offers specialized training for both teachers, trainers and children. The authorities consider issues connected with university’s educational offer development as well as with scientific activities expansion as priority. It is essential to establish a suitable intellectual and material base to attract scientific, academic staff and young adults – future students.

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TropicalAstral Lda

TropicalAstral Lda is a private adult education provider and translation company, focused mainly on corporate clients in the Algarve area providing private executive business language lessons. Courses are offered in the major European languages. In addition to language training, TropicalAstral offers translations, proofreading, editing, voice-overs and subtitling.

TropicalAstral has significant in-house experience in educational resource, website creation and mobile application development and content building. The owner and key employee of TropicalAstral has also created the teachers’ tool website “The Language Menu”, which has a member base of around 33,000 teachers worldwide. This technical and creative expertise is also a key contribution that TropicalAstral can bring to a project.

While TropicalAstral is a newly incorporated company, it has staff working from many different countries, all which have previously been involved in EU projects in the past.

Teaching material made by TropicalAstral staff can be found (free of charge) in different languages on, TeachersPayTeachers, SlideShare and many other platforms on the internet.

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Welcome Home International ASBL

Welcome Home International ASBL is a small NGO that was founded in March 2018.
We were inspired by volunteering where we took in many asylum seekers and refugees into our homes as hosts. We became the first contact point for them and often followed up with legal support, medical support and friendship. We recognised then that the formalised integration methods adopted by the authorities met only part of their needs. The remainder was the human touch involving community networking, language immersion, non-formal education and genuine communication.

Now, as an organisation, our philosophy is that integration is a two-way street. We seek innovative methods to support migrants, refugees and asylum seekers arriving in our societies. We implement and design hands-on projects involving community volunteers to create inviting environments where newcomers and local community members can acquire the tools and information they need to help integration happen naturally.

As well as our on the ground volunteer programmes, we participate in international projects working to improve the situation of refugees in Europe. Developing free language learning phone apps, creating engaging game-based learning and designing course content for non-formal learning activities, Welcome Home International strives to create a welcoming environment for arriving migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

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Eurospeak Language Schools Ltd

Eurospeak Language Schools Ltd, is a private English language school, accredited by the British Council, Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) and are a UKVI licensed Tier 2 General and Tier 4 General of the points-based system. Established in 1991, we are an accredited Cambridge English exam centre and a Trinity College London teacher training centre. We offer a variety of language and vocational training courses. Our prime objective is to give all learners the best opportunity to improve their lives and aim to give them the necessary skills they need in both their personal and professional lives, to attain success. By helping them attain a good command of the skills they require, we are confident that our learners go on to lead successful and happy lives wherever they choose to live and work. We also value integrity and harmony between students, with their diversified cultures and nationalities in order to develop our own strong sense of community.

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Innovation Frontiers IKE

Innovation Frontiers IKE is an innovative educational technology research company that specializes in creating educational, engaging, and entertaining learning experiences that incorporate innovation, creativity, and gamification to enhance flow for learners. Our company offers a wide spectrum of solutions, including interactive custom eLearning, Serious Games, Open Educational Resources, Training Simulations, Educational Animations and Mobile Learning. We combine game design, game technology, instructional design and psychology to master the art of crafting learning games, simulations and training. All developments are tailored precisely to our clients’ individual needs. What is more the company integrates the implications of educational neuroscience in classroom so as to improve the efficiency of learning and teaching.

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